Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrase Like a Pro, Not a Machine

Powered by the leading GPT language model, WRITI.AI gives you advanced paraphrasing capabilities many other rewording tools can't:

  • Strong semantic understanding for accurate paraphrasing.

  • Restructure sentences to appear distinct while preserving the original meaning.

  • Suggest alternatives to original words or phrases fit perfectly for the context.

  • Produce clear and coherent content with fluent logic flows.

  • Always maintain correct grammar and syntax.

Paraphrase Like a Pro, Not a Machine

Simplified Paraphrasing Process

See how WRITI.AI complete your paraphrasing tasks in just a few steps:


  • What kind of text can I paraphrase with WRITI.AI?

    WRITI.AI's paraphrasing tool can rewrite any type of text, whether it's sentences or paragraphs from technical documents, literary works or everyday language. So just enter the text you want to rephrase, and WRITI.AI will deliver the perfect rewritten results.

  • How fast is WRITI.AI's paraphrasing tool?

    WRITI.AI's paraphrasing tool is among the best AI paraphrasers that can complete a rewrite task at lightning-fast speed. Once you click the Generate button, you should be able to see the reworded results in a few seconds.

  • Is the paraphrased text generated by WRITI.AI accurate and error-free?

    Of course! With GPT-3.5/4, WRITI.AI's rewording tool avoids any grammatical errors and misuse of words, while always ensuring that the original meaning is not distorted, making it the best among the top ChatGPT rewriters.

  • What are the differences between your web-based paraphraser and the one on your Chrome extension?

    Our web-based paraphrasing tool offers you an easy-to-use interface to rewrite any input text, while our Chrome extension enables you to reword any text anywhere online with your Chrome browser. But both paraphrasers are driven by the same technology of WRITI.AI, so they're equally powerful in terms of paraphrasing.